Luckyshot West - The Wandering Bullet

2D top-down twin stick shooter where you need to be agile to get a straight shot.

Our hero fights an alien invasion for our natural resources in a hectic game. We’ll encounter multiple enemies and final bosses, where the challenge is getting a lucky shot. The game is fast paced and the level of difficulty is above average.

Ace “Luckyshot” West is the worst shooter in the Wild Wild West. Position yourself at optimal range in order to score luckyshots. The game provides an addictive blend of a top-down shooter together with story driven progression and in-depth character development, being as challenging as it is rewarding.

A playable demo is available for download.



Pixel art
Fast paced
Difficulty above average
Dual wielding system
Explosive weapons




Artur Leao

Jack of all trades

Worked at CCP Games and Ubisoft before moving to Portugal to live the dream. This is the dream.

Daniel Santana


A genius programmer only surpassed by his master zen skills.

Deivis Tavares


Master of the pixel, friend of nature and all things green.